Pre-Rooted-Android-Devices RISK-FREE "We Take The Risk"
Pre-Rooted-Android-Devices RISK-FREE "We Take The Risk"
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Low Cost Pre-Rooted Android devices.

Why take the risk with your device? Buying pre-rooted is low cost and safe!

Droid all day is the only place where owning a rooted device involves no risks, no bricks, no bootloops, pure custom device with zero risk. Rooted Samsung, Htc, Nexus, Blue, You name it, well root it.

Buying a device from us offers you a risk free solution to rooting gone bad. All our devices come pre-rooted and installed with the latest firmware. Have a certain ROM you like/ Just let us know and well install it for you! (If compatable). Whats to loose/ We take the risks, you reap the benifits! Where else do you get that option?

Here at Droid All Day......Droid is all we do!! We offer the latest model phones as well as android classics pre-rooted and installed with the baddest MODs. But we dont just give you that same boring android phone you can go buy anywhere, here we only offer the baddest tricked out android devices. Pre-rooted, MODed, Custom Recovery, and loaded with that look your dying for. When you call you'll speak to a highly trained android professional who will go over what it is your looking for in your android. Then you will get feed back on the best options available to date! Do you LOVE the way the  Samsung Galaxy Notes have so mant multi tasking abilities but dont want a Note? Or even a Samsung for that matter? Well with a Tricked Out Android you can have almost ANY software on any device! Take a look at out ABOUT page and get a idea of what everything is. Then go on over to our facebook store powered by shopify.links can be found every where on this site.make sure you see the profile called droid-all-day , to see what phones and tablets we have available. Have your own Android? Thats cool, we can get you rooted and running custom in no time. DONT FORGET>>>>> YOU MUST READ AND ACKNOWLDGE THE DISCLAIMER BEFORE ANYTHING WILL BE DONE! unless you buy from facebook store, they have there own terms and conditions go read threw all info,plus a return policy protection,and money back garintee..


There are new Android devices comming out every month. They voice them as the new MUST HAVE......but why spend $700 for the newest device when you can have the older model but have it run EXACTLY AS GOOD.....or EVEN BETTER! Run the note 4 on your note 3. Run a S5 on a S3. Do whatever you want and save hundreds. We offer a wide veriaty of devices and endless possibilities. If you dont like the firmware its running on. Let us know and well get you running something more fitting. say we dont have the device you wanted?ok send us a link on ebay we will buy with our own cash and notify you when its ready for purchase  THE CHOICE IS ALL YOURS! this is alot to read on my home page.but def.worth reading to save you lots cash

Droid All Day: Your First Choice for Risk-Free Custom Pre-Rooted Android!!!

i created this website to be more of a informational website to come and learn about what we do and how we do it..lots of people are rooting your android for cash,and your still at risk even when your paying we take all the risk..we sell the devices on ebay,we take request if we dont have it,we will buy it for you,root it,install after market firmware a.kj.a custom rom,custom recovery,apply every trick,mod,hack possible,to give you the best experiance possible

Contact Info  812-581-0546 text me anytime,or call and leave a detailed mess.if you have a request for a device we dont have in stock please send a link from ebay, the device you want,we will buy

email us with any questions as well,if you have purchased an unleashed android from us and want to learn how to use any of its features,we are happy to help my youtube channel

Sean William Duckworth

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